Recycling for kids projects

Girl's rosette shrug made from a T-shirt by Brassy Apple

It is a few weeks into summer vacation, the kids are starting to bounce off the wall and you are looking for something to keep them occupied. Here are some fun and funky projects for all ages that will give them something to do while recycling their clothes that are too small or they won’t wear.

Sock Recycling

Starting out simple with socks, here’s a cute little bean bag bear.

This ladybug can double as a heating pad.

If your kids just don’t have enough stuffed animals, here’s a few patterns to make an owl, pig and even a rabbit from an old scarf.

Here’s a fun way to dress up your old flower pots with argyle and stripes.

Home Deco Upcycled

Moving farther into the house, T-shirts and other odds and ends can brighten up the kids’ rooms…or yours.

Add some sunshine to the floors with a rug braided on a hoola hoop using T-shirts.

You would probably have enough pom poms left over from other projects for this wild rug. No? Look under the couch cushions.

Another way to dispose of the never-ending cottage cheese and butter containers—turn them into cute little table lamps!

Clothing Rechic

You got the T-shirt and became disenchanted. Renew the love by turning it into an enchanting shrug.

Or turn the T into a ruffled little top.

Now you can add  your shrug or ruffle top to a maxi skirt.

If dresses are more your style, deck out up plain little tanks with this cute, easy-going pattern.

Accessories Redone

Here’s some cute headbands to make out of T-shirt and lace scraps. I saw the braided headband in a clothing store over the weekend.

Braided headband:

Lace headband:

Hanging this purse from your arm will make you the ace of spades!

This jean purse leans more to the casual, though a denim rose could add some shabby chic!

Jean purse:’s_leg_purse-e474.html

Denim rose:

And here’s a fun, catch-all study denim bag.


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